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About mimic

Illustrations drawn by AI that learns your personality

mimic is a service that uses AI to automatically create illustration makers that reflect the individuality of the artist. 30 or more illustrations are all you need to create your own illustration maker.

Illustration by a certain artist
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Image created by AI that has learned about personalities
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The following illustrations were actually created by AI.

The above illustrations are published with the permission of the creators who participated in the closed beta test.

Benefits for Creators

Reference material for illustration production

You can use it as a reference material when drawing illustrations. Characters with an atmosphere that you do not usually draw or characters with a different painting style than usual will also be generated. By referring to illustrations that are similar to your own, you can use them as reference materials to help you visualize your own illustrations more easily.
You can create up to one illustration maker for free. Please see the plan page for details.

Activate SNS and fan communities

Illustrations created by mimic can be used for communication purposes, such as presenting them as SNS icons or drawing full-body illustrations of popular characters among fans.

Utilizing the important asset of illustration

For a creator, the illustrations he or she has drawn are an important asset. With the development of AI in recent years, their value is increasing more than ever. We believe that new value will be created as illustrators themselves utilize AI.

Rights belong to creators

The rights to the illustrations created by mimic belong to the artist, not to the management. It is also possible to set the rights in the case of publication. (e.g.: Not available, Permitted only to individuals)
However, if the management determines that the information violates the Terms of Use, it may take actions such as suspension of publication or deletion of the information.

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