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*Plans are subject to change without notice. Please understand.


I would like to create more than 5 illustration makers.

When you subscribe to basic plan, you can create and keep up to 5 illustration makers. If you wish to create more than 5 illustration makers, you will need to delete one of your illustration makers from the following month.

I want to cancel my basic plan.

You can cancel your basic plan at any time. To cancel, click the "MANAGE PLAN" link on the My Page > Others tab and click the "Cancel plan" button on the page you are taken to. If you cancel, you will be automatically returned to free plan after one month has passed since your most recent payment. Please note that the maximum number of illustration makers in free plan is one (excluding those created during the beta period). Illustration makers that exceed the number of makers retained will be deleted one by one, starting from the oldest one, after about a month has passed since the cancellation.

Can I subscribe to the basic plan and create 5 illustration makers even if I have already created an illustration maker in free plan?

Basic plan allows you to keep up to 5 illustration makers, so you can create up to 5 illustration makers by deleting the illustration makers created in free plan.

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